Aviation Safety

The South Carolina Aviation Association promotes safer skies in coordination with the FAA SC FSDO and the SC Aeronautics Commission.

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It is the mission of the SCAA South Carolina Aviation Association to actively promote and encourage aviation and airport development to meet air transportation needs and assist the state in achieving economic development goals.

Promoting Safe Skies in South Carolina

Aviation Safety

The Federal Aviation Association SC Flight Standards District Office (CAE FSDO), the SC Aeronautics Commission and the SC Aviation Association have shared goals for the development and maintenance of programs and procedures that enhance aviation in the state. Following are a list of a few of our shared goals:

  • Elevating South Carolina’s aviation community to a higher level of awareness and safety.
  • Information sharing and dissemination as part of the SC Aviation Safety Committee.
  • Sharing of airport safety and navigation aid hazard information.
  • Working together in accident/incident investigations.
  • Preparation and distribution of written safety information and electronic communications.
  • Preparation and dissemination of information through seminars and other public programs.
  • Safety information sharing through the FAAST Team programs.
  • Marketing of safety compliance materials.
  • Employee training and workshops.
  • Promotion of flight instructor and maintenance recurrent training courses/safety seminars.




If you are interested in having a safety seminar connected to your pilot event or Breakfast Club contact Melanie Friscoe at SCAA, and she will help connect you with a safety team member.

FOD Prevention

FOD Walks are a great opportunity to clean up debris at your airport as well as educate people on the importance of FOD prevention. To have a FOD Walk, Invite as many people as possible to your event. Once assembled, walk through an area or flight line to retrieve trash, rocks, loose metal objects, or anything else that may be or could become a FOD hazard. 

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