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Aviation Week

South Carolina Aviation Week is an annual event held in conjunction with Orville Wright’s birthday on August 19, 1871. The week-long celebration promotes aviation through events that highlight airports’ educational and economic impacts throughout the state. Governor Henry McMaster has proclaimed August 18 – 24, 2019, South Carolina Aviation Week.

Resources For Your Airport

Celebrate Aviation Week!

Airports planning an Aviation Week event can access resources to simplify the planning process, from the brainstorming stage through agenda planning and media relations. 

South Carolina Aviation Week

August 18 – 24, 2019

Help SCAA celebrate aviation in South Carolina. If your airport event is not featured in the schedule below, contact us with your event details. Click here to access resources designed to aid in your airport’s efforts to plan and promote your own aviation week event. There is no better time to highlight the positive impact you have on local economic growth, commerce and youth outreach than during South Carolina Aviation Week. 

Download Governor Henry McMaster’s South Carolina Aviation Week proclamation.

Congressman Joe Wilson (second from right) attended the Aiken Airport Showcase during the 2018 South Carolina Aviation Week.

Airport Maintenance Technician of The Year

SCAA recognizes the hard work that AMT’s put into keeping our skies safe. As a part of SC Aviation Week, SCAA will recognize one AMT as Aviation Maintenance Technician of The Year. Click on the below button to nominate your AMT as AMT of The Year.  The winner will receive recognition with a surprise visit during the week, will be recognized at the SCAA Annual Conference in February and will be recognized at AMT Day on May 24, 2020.

The deadline to submit a nomination is July 15.

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